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Artists have various reasons for why they do what they do. Whether their art takes the form of music, dance, the written word, or the paint upon the canvas, the reason in the why is always at the heart of such a philosophical treatise.


As such, I shall share with you mine.  I make monsters, and not of the garden variety our culture has been known to accept.


I speak of the monster having no niche, no quality that can be considered by society's standards as being warranted of any value.


The monsters I make have an inner humanity that is apparent if one looks past their appearance.  By putting aside the prejudices and preconceptions one can then appreciate the complexities of these multifaceted entities.


Their struggles represent ours.  The horrors and angst they have experienced are the fears, apprehensions, and struggles we all have when coping with an unknown and unwavering existence.


To some, this epiphany will be unsettling. For others, it will be of some comfort.  It would be my desire that such people would imagine monsters saying to them: "I know how you feel.  I live with such emotions as well.  You are not alone in your suffering.”  This insight could be the very incentive for hope that has been absent in their own lives.


These monsters, as I, have but one function: to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable in a most unconventional way. For such a purpose, we are certain to soldier on by doing our duty as marvelously monstrous misfits!

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